Permanent wants post yeah!

This one's for pkmncollectors mainly but also some kinf of personal reminder/guide to keep order over my soon-to-be-big-collection and my general wants.

If you have got any of the things I listed here that you want to give away, you may contact me at any time! I may not have the money to buy right away, such as for bigger and more expensive items, but we could of course make payment plans, or whatsoever. :)

* PLEASE NOTE that I have just recently started collecting and thus my wants list isn't that big now, more items are rather soon to be added!
*also if any of the pictures are yours and you want me to take it down just tell me! :)

* italic written items are ones with higher priority
* and even more important ones are both italic and bold

* the crossed out ones are already in my hands/ are already bought


ohh look at this precious precious baby oh my god
it's so pretty i can't
and I swear one day i will hold him in my claws uhh i mean hands
hands is what i said

Yeh we got this

POKEDOLLS ( I prefer the Japanese ones over the US versions):

- Shiny Suicune
- Shiny Entei

- Buizel
- Weavile

- Entei
- Raikou
- Suicune
- Ho Oh
- Lugia (Minky)
- Leafeon
- Glaceon
- Jolteon
- Flareon
- Umbreon (Minky)
- Espeon (Minky)
- Vaporeon (Minky)

- Eevee
- Cobalion
- Virizion
- Zoroark
- Absol
- Blaziken
- Sceptile
- Swampert
- Keldeo
- Blitzle
- Shinx
- Purrloin


upcoming I LOVE EEVEE campaign plushes (the big ones O: ) :
- Jolteon
- Vaporeon
- Umbreon
- Espeon

- Jolteon Canvas
- Growlithe Canvas
- Vaporeon Canvas

- Pokemon Time Growlithe
- Zebstrika Banpresto
- THIS Luxray plush
but what is it? WHAT DOES IT MEEEAAAN
- Poochyena UFO Banpresto

I'm back from England!
Hey guys!

I am back from a wonderful journey to Skipton in the yorkshire dales. I stayed with my exchange partner Megan and her family and their warm welcome after our bus journey which took 23 hours and their inviting smiles made me feel comfy in my new home for the following eight days very fast.

My most favourite parts during my stay in England were definitly our trip to the harbour town Whitby which is an incredily beautiful town and our student's paintball event.
In Germany you are only allowed to go paintballing when you are 18 + so it was a completely new experience for me. playing war like this is amazing, and even the headshots you get are. (:

We also went to Leeds for shopping and to York for visiting the cathedral, as well we walked down to Robin Hood's bay when we were in Whitby.

Me and the others took lots of photos, you can see the photos I took and some of the ones others took when clicking this link to my album:

Just enter " england " as password and you should be able see the photos.

I only slept about 2 hours in bus with interruptions every 15 minutes because my back started to hurt really bad when staying too long in a position.
Anyways, My mum, my stepdad and me are having a campfire tonight, we have to talk a lot. (:

:bulletblack: i want to remind you of my artwork on auction special which ends on monday.
It may be te last chance to bid so hurry up! (;

PS. Salt & Vinegar Crisps are fucking AMAZING.

Original artworks very cheap on auction !
Well, I am doing this, because I really want something on ebay which is 70$ but I don't have enough money on my paypal account.
So i am offering some of my artworks on auction starting at low prices and hopefully reaching a little more than 10€. The concept of the auction is like for ebay auctions:

You can bid as much money as you want, eg. When current price is at 5€, you bid 9€ but someone else already wants to give 10€ max. then new price is at 10€. When you want to bid 15€ then, new price is at 12€ instead of 10€. (So there are 2€ skipped.)

Every buyer will get an original sketch of a drawing out of my gallery.

Bidding is per comment on journal, sending email ( or note.

Shipping costs:
1,00€ within Germany and Austria.
1,60€ within Europe.
3,50€ outside Europe.

Currency Converter: [link]

'Neverending Walk'
- starting price is at 7€.

- starting price is 6€.
But WARNING: If you are afraid or pohobic or just don't like real blood on drawings, then better not bid on it.
Current bid: 14,50€

'Take me Home'
- starting price is at 4€

'Crystal Queen'
- starting price at 4€

- starting price at 5€
Current bid: 5€

'Emmisary from the suns'
- startig price at 6€

'Drown my heart'
-starting price at 3€

'An Kshatra'
- starting price at 2€

Auction ends on monday 11th April

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