Collection and Wants

=> My Permanent Sales post can be found here

Wants list:

I prefer trading over buying at the moment, (see the link on top of this journal for my sales post) but it all depends, really. I might also trade things off from my personal collection, except the handmade things. Make me an offer!

Pokedolls / Plush

- My Holy Grail is the Shiny Raikou Lottery Pokedoll

- Japanese Minky Eevee Pokedoll

- Japanese Glaceon pokedoll

- Japanese Leafeon Pokedoll

- Minky Lugia Pokedoll

- Japanese Reshiram Pokedoll

- Buizel Pokedoll

- A custom Mega Lucario pokedoll

- A custom Arcanine Pokedoll

Personal Collection:

Such a small collection but everything's so neat and the handmade and painted things i got both from my boyfriend are the most lovely things ever.

I also have a Raikou tattooed on my upper arm, that counts I guess.


Permanent sales post

=> My wants and collection post can be found here

This is mainly for pokemoncollectors so here are some rules and info first:

- Sales permission  granted by entirelycliched on February 11th 2013
- I ship internationally, but since I'm from Germany, please keep in mind that shipping can get a little expensive and take a bit longer
- All prices are in €
- Payments via PayPal only
- I am not responsible for lost mail
- Payments shall be sent within 48 hours after buying confirmation
- I can hold items up to 48 hours as well
- I ship cards and Art in Toploaders, sleeves, and/ or cardboard stabilized
- Prices do not include fees or shipping
- Do NOT delete your comments or replies!
- I usually ship items 1-5 days after I received payments
- minimum purchase rate is is 2€, worldwide

- Feedback page can be found here
- To avoid any confusion about my little feedback on the community, here's my ebay feedback as well.

Additional Infos specifically for artwork commissions and sales:
- ACEO cards have the size of a normal pokemon tarding card, 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches ( 6,4cm x 8,9 cm )
- my cards have been drawn with Copic markers, Faber Castell Polychromos (coloured pencils), and acrylic and shimmering effect paints on 250g/m² cardstock
- The back is stabilized with design paper and signed by myself

- As for custom slots, I'm willing to draw almost everything on them: Pokemon/Trainer/Gijinka/Pokemon related landscapes, other things than pokemon as well, whatever!

- 3 characters maximally on one card
- Custom cards are usually done within 2-4 weeks after the payment has been sent. Of course all finished cards will be sent to you via mail and you will get a high resolution scan, as well!

- Shipping and handling within Germany and Austria starts at 2€
- International shipping and handling starts at 3€

Artwork sales/commissions

Regular Artwork examples:

Something like the above examples will be 25€ per Character, plus another 12€ per additional character. Traditional A5 sized sketch with digital colours.

ACEOs (handpainted painted 6,4 x 8,9cm collectible cards)


- 25€ each
- 40€ for two cards

- Commissioned pieces are 30€ per card. 55€ for two cards/75€ for three cards as a panorama.


Custom plush commissions/sales:

Coming soon!

TCG sales:

Coming soon!